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Kanasina Bharatha Media LLP developed the app for TV23KANNADA for showing the daily news contents which showing on their website
All the news will taken through the api from the site. All the contents/news are owned and copyrighted by tv23kannada news.
Kanasina Bharatha is a partner company of TV23KANNADA.

App Name: TV23 KANNADA
App Package name: com.tv23.tv23kannada
Ownership information: Ramesh SG
Organization name: TV 23 KANNADA
Address: Tread mark no.4083827 ( tv23 kannada )
contact address kanasina bharatha media llp
1/1 Radhakrishna complex Dr Rajkumara Road 6th block Rajajinagar Bangalore-560010

Contact detail: contact no.+91 8023100700 | mobile no.+91 9343996611
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